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Architecture can be described as the design of the human environment, mostly buildings, groups of buildings and often the spaces between the buildings. The design, the documentation of designs, the inspection of the construction of buildings, but also their urban context, their gardens, their interiors and sometimes their furniture, all form part of the activities of the architect. Architectural design projects range in size and complexity from small alterations for a single house to large, multi-level commercial, industrial or public buildings and building complexes or even parts of cities.

Architects are expected to develop and practice a wide variety of skills. Except for design and planning skills, architects should have technical, problem-solving, managerial, communication, co-ordination and entrepreneurial abilities. Since not every person has all these skills, they work in groups in which they concentrate on those aspects in which they are best.

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Our first research paper "Architecture & Virtual Reality" has got published in International Journal of Engineering and Research

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