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We serve our clients, who might need buildings for themselves, or who could represent users, for example of hospitals, schools, community centers or private corporations. We assist clients in drawing up a brief and plan for their needs with the assistance of quantity surveyors, engineers, Contractors and project managers. We then prepare sketch designs and models, cost projections, project documentation, submit plans for approval by the authorities, acquire tenders and then administer the building contract.

Besides the time spent in the office, we move around between various building sites and be in constant contact with clients and the many disciplines active in the building process.

Ar. Nihar Nana Sail


    Nihar, a notorious right brained thinker. With his experience in computer programming, he has developed the thinking methodology which he calls algorithmic thinking.


    As he is a practicing architect from the serene areas of Konkan and believing that architecture and design should not only deliver solutions that benefit their locale and inhabitants but also result in commercial success, Nihar has completed a number of hospitality projects of small to significant scale and complexity, including commercial office buildings, education and retail developments.


    He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the SPSMBH’s College of Architecture in Kolhapur. He is particularly interested in the digital nature of architecture and design today. Nihar has now focused on innovative workplaces of the future leading to his involvement in the activity-based workplace, consolidation studies, mobility programs, new ways of working and generational workplace analysis, all serving to provide a valuable balance between a project’s artistic and technical aspects.

Ar. Sayalee Nihar Sail


    Sayalee holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the SPSMBH’s College of Architecture, at Kolhapur, Maharashtra State. After graduation, she has worked with one of the world-renowned Architects, Shirish Beri.

    Being a registered architect, she has led teams as project architect on a broad range of project types and sizes for such clients as Goa tourism development corporation, Zantye Cashew Industries etc.

    Sayalee is passionate about identifying and designing to the big idea, striving to change the way people think about wellness-based environments.

    She has worked with notable healthcare research centres such as RHRC.

    She enjoys the fact that there are constantly new and diverse challenges and that she gets to explore and learn new things every day.

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